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The Strange Country

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 The Strange Country, a novel that Hemingway began but never finished.  Like most Hemingway stories, it was thinly veiled autobiography.  It portrayed the beginning of his relationship with Martha Gellhorn as the cracks started to surface.  It was a fascinating sketch of a doomed relationship.
Robert and Helena are traveling across the country from Miami to California. They are using fake last names as they travel. Robert is much older than Helena and calls her daughter. They stay in Miami only as long as it takes to buy a car and receive a wire transfer of money. They start their trip. As they drive, Robert remembers the many trips he has taken before with his previous wives and with his children. At the first stop, they rent a cabin where they consummate their relationship for the first time.
While there, Robert reads newspaper reports about the beginnings of war in Spain. He feels that he should go to Spain and help in the war effort, but he wants to take a break and stay with Helena. Throughout the trip, he looks for..

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