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How to Overcome Low Self Esteem and Self Condemnation

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Due to the fact that persons with low self esteem lack self confidence and feel bad about themselves, they are quick to believe that they are unlovable, incompetent and awkward.
Persons with low self esteem tend to have a weak or fragile self image which can easily be wounded by others.
Additionally, persons suffering from low self esteem are often highly vigilant and alert to signs of inadequacy and rejection by others.
Persons with low self esteem are easily swayed by every wind doctrines and belief system. They can't just stand their ground and argue their point or press home their demand.
This is the major reason they are very prone to peer pressure.
If all of these describe you and what you are currently going through, get ready for your liberation as the chapters of this book is filled with powerful solutions that will help you build self confidence and boost your overall self esteem. 

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