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The Seduction of Roxanne

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Sheriff Cyrus Bergeron keeps Paris, Texas safe, with his quick gun and his common sense. While he serves as protector to all, he keeps a special eye on Roxanne Robinette. He came home from the war with a scar on his face, a scar he got in a battle to save Roxanne's husband. He failed, and he's certain she will never forgive him.

Roxanne has been a widow for three years, grieving for what might've been. But as spring arrives she feels herself coming alive again. She sees color and beauty in a world that has been gray for too long. When she catches sight of the new and beautiful deputy, Calvin Newberry, she is entranced. Cyrus notices, and decides to do his best to make sure Roxanne has everything she wants. Even if it's Calvin.

In seducing Roxanne for another man, Cyrus realizes his love for her is deeper than he ever imagined. Can he walk away so Roxanne will finally have everything she wants?

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