Tales from the funny(dark)side

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Tales from the funny(dark)side

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When Shane Long decides that a weekend break is needed from his humdrum life of drinking, little did he realise that the weekend he was about to on was going to turn out the way it did?

All his adult life, Shane had been a heavy drinker. The problems were not when Shane was sober, because he was normally a gentle giant. The problems came when he drank. Gone was the mild-mannered giant. A monster inside Shane's mind would transform him into an arrogant, obnoxious ogre who took great delight in teasing and causing trouble to whomever he came across. Now, aged forty, Shane realises he is never going to find the one by drinking and abusing others. His plan for one last weekend binge on a Greek island would be his last, but as the trip gets underway. Nothing is at it seems. Shane soon finds himself doing something he would never do. Helping a stranger, but it was never going to turn out well, not now he is booked into, The Hotel Grandee, where people and food go hand in hand in another dollop of Joe KING's strange stories from the Tales from the funny(dark)side series.

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