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Man Bites Dog (HD Battlespace Version)

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Steven has just crossed the Imaginary Line into the Real World and now he's delivering mail. He goes to the pub, he watches Murder, She Wrote with Gina, he listens to Wayne's performance poetry... he's coasting.

Until three unexpected figures flip him headfirst over his handlebars. First there's Satan, the doberman from hell, who wants to know if posties really do taste like chicken. Then there's Emma, the comic-reading poet, who might teach Steven something about relationships - if they can make it last more than a week. Finally there's Mrs Abigail Fraser, the Scottish banshee, who accuses him of murder and puts his postal career at risk.

Can Steven clear his name? Is friendship more important than sex? And why isn't real life more like American television?

Man Bites Dog is an urban comic detective tale of life, love and getting your shit together.

Nick Earls (Zig Zag Street, The Secret History of Butterfish) said: "Adam Ford takes posties, poets and a big bad dog and delivers us a story full of deft observations, real humour and exactly the right amount of everyday human frailty. I know these people so well now, I'm convinced I've already had a drink with them."

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