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Love Poems for Shawn Mendes

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This poetry book highlights the love poem consisting of 3,074 words in one stanza. It narrates the love story of the teenagers couple: how the girl meets his boy, the courtship, their official togetherness as a boyfriend-girlfriend, their first date, their escapade, their break-up because of a third party until they give their love a second chance. Moreover, this poetry book contains 100 love poems in quatrains which tell the admiration and love of the teenage girl for the handsome guy Witty and funny, this is crafted to tickle the funny bone of all readers, making the ladies swooned, giggle, inspired and feeling loved.

Love story in poetry. Poems from the heart.
A must read poem collection. The author surmises the poem as the world's longest single love poem.
So girls, get ready to be in love. Prepared to get swooned as bolt of sensational currents electrify every nerve and blood vessel of your oh so-damned-gorgeous-glorious-body.

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