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God's Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground

God's Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground

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God's Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground

176 pages
2 hours
Mar 25, 2019


"This provocative book takes a wide-ranging look at religion and its place in our past, present, and future — and challenges readers to rethink God's true nature." (BookBub editorial)

The new atheism movement has highlighted many of the theological problems related to Christianity and other religions, and as we move into a 'post-truth' age, many people are wondering whether there is still a place for God in society. Has evolutionary science consigned God to the pages of history?

In this bold and insightful book, British philosopher Steven Colborne strongly argues that God exists, but also criticises many of the key doctrines of Christianity and other world religions that present, in his view, a mistaken understanding of the nature of God.

Tackling subjects such as free will, suffering, morality, and the afterlife, Colborne presents a grand vision of reality with God at the centre. The book looks not only backward at the religions that have shaped our world, but also to the future – a future in which Colborne believes science, technology, and a new kind of religion, will all have a meaningful role to play.


"Steven has a fascinating and knowledgable perspective on all things related to spirituality... this work will surely get you thinking about how one can understand and come to know the divine"  (David Robertson, author and blogger)  

"It is stimulating to engage the author's arguments and their implications as he is very well read and articulate" (David Lorimer, editor of Paradigm Explorer magazine)  

"God's Grand Game presents an insightful, counter-cultural worldview, inviting us to not only reconsider our relationship with the divine, but also with each other... The message of God's Grand Game is one we need to hear"  (Logan Noland, blogger at Pilgrimage to Somewhere)

Mar 25, 2019

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God's Grand Game - Steven Colborne





I am happy to declare that I am 100% certain that God exists. I am at least as certain that God exists as I am that I exist. I know that for those readers who have had no revelation of the reality of God, such certainty will be hard to understand and accept, but I will offer a few reasons as to why I am so confident.

I will offer two types of argument for the existence of God, which I will categorise as logical and experiential. Let’s start with the logical arguments.

Firstly, I would point to the fact that there are many examples of how the activity we witness in creation is highly coordinated. Within the human body, for instance, there are millions of complex interactions working in harmony. The occurrence of such complex yet harmonious events must mean that something is able to coordinate what is going on in my heart, brain, stomach, and feet, all at the same time. That ‘something’ is God.

More evidence that God exists is that we grow from nothing into human beings. We never make a decision to grow from a baby to a child to an adult; something causes this process to happen. For me, scientific ideas like genetics and evolution do not explain this process of growth in a satisfying way, as they both present a view of reality where the past determines the future, which is actually not the case. ¹ Instead, there is a power operating in the present moment that causes our bodily development. That power is God.

I am not convinced by the argument that the brain is a machine that powers the rest of the body, for if this were the case, what is the cause of the brain’s own activity? You might say ‘I’ am causing my brain to coordinate the millions of processes that are happening in my body. But I hope you can see the absurdity of this position — you certainly cannot explain how you are controlling your brain and bodily processes.

So perhaps your brain is controlling you? This is equally absurd. How could you attribute to a lump of grey matter the ability to write symphonies or books, to plan a holiday, or to have a relationship? Any deep-thinking person must admit there is more to human life than a series of mechanical processes somehow brought about by a mass of squishy tissue.

It is obvious that I am not controlling my brain, and my brain is not controlling me. How, then, do I explain my actions? The solution is that a spiritual being, which I like to call God, is animating all the processes that lead to my experience of my body and the world in which I exist.

As well as there being sound logical arguments for God’s existence, there are also experiential arguments. For instance, I am certain that God exists because God talks to me. ² I am certain that God exists because I have witnessed and experienced many supernatural events. On one occasion, a friend of mine prayed for a stranger on the street to be healed of the pain he was experiencing throughout his body (he had crutches and was clearly suffering). Following the prayer, the man revealed, with a look of shock upon his face, that his pain had completely gone. This was an obvious sign of immediate divine intervention. And I have witnessed many such healings.

I fully understand that if God hasn’t given you a revelation of His reality then, of course, you will not believe in Him. I used to be an atheist and was happy to direct ridicule towards the apparent fairy tales of faith. But I am a living testimony of the fact that God reveals Himself to people unexpectedly, and that it’s possible for anyone to go from 100% atheist to 100% theist.

At the present time I enjoy an intimate personal relationship with God, which involves conversation on a daily basis and an awareness of His existence almost continually. If you’re a sceptic you may question the veracity of these experiences, but that will all change one day if you are fortunate enough to have the living God reveal Himself to you too.

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