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Of Sound Mind: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

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Misfortune has struck Fitzwilliam Darcy – an altercation ended with him in the car of an innkeeper without his memory. Rescued by his friend Charles Bingley, he slowly begins the arduous task of recovery and whilst some memories come easily to him, others elude him still. He can recall the face of a young lady but nothing more: no name, no detail beyond that she was important to him. He is surprised and pleased when, upon their return to Hertfordshire, he stumbled across the very young lady who haunted his memory and discovers her name: Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth is plagued with guilt when she discovers Mr Darcy's injury – the result of his rescue of Lydia from George Wickham – but she cannot help but appreciate the change in him, and fears one day, when his memory returns fully, he will recall his first opinions of her and the friendship that is growing between them will be lost forever.

With Lydia blaming George Wickham's desertion on Mr Darcy's interference, can Lizzy and Mr Darcy overcome past events to build a happy future together?

Of Sound Mind is a sweet regency novella variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

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