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Bound By The Blizzard: A Safe Haven - Love At Last - Life After Death

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A Safe Haven

After their horrible fight with the hunters, college sophomores Matt and Stella are able to escape from the cabin in the woods. They jump in their abductors’ Jeep and speed off into the raging blizzard. Stella is in shock. She can’t believe what she just did to get them out of the cabin alive! For the first time, Matt can see the scared and vulnerable girl underneath the spoiled exterior.

They decide to drive to her parents’ house in the stolen Jeep. Stella’s father is an influential lawyer, maybe he can help them out with the incredible mess they left in the woods. After all, they are now fugitives on the run! On the way over to her mansion, Matt and Stella start talking. The traumatizing experience completely changed the girl and made her realize her past mistakes.

When they arrive at her house, Matt can’t believe his eyes. Stella’s mansion is huge, she even has her own personal servants waiting for them at the gate! Her parents, Robert and Victoria Wellington, were worried sick about their daughter. They thank Matt profusely for saving Stella and insist that he stays with them for a while, at least until the blizzard is over. But no one is more grateful than Stella. She will do anything to make Matt forgive her for the way she treated him in the past...

Love At Last

After their first passionate moment together, Stella confesses her feelings to Matt. So much has changed in the last twenty four hours! Not too long ago, the broke college student was nearly invisible to her. But now that she can see past their social differences, she is falling in love with him!

But Matt is still hesitant. He loved Stella from the first moment he saw her, but when she shut him down it hurt him really bad. He doesn’t want to go through all that heartache again. But the horrible night in the woods changed them both for the better. They decide to forget about the past and give their love a second chance.

The more time Matt spends at Stella’s mansion, the closer they grow to each other. And her family also embraces him as the son they never had, even giving Matt an opportunity he couldn’t have dreamed of. One evening, Stella gives him a tour around the house and shows him the secret corridor between her chambers and Matt’s room. Tonight, she will be waiting for him. Impatiently, Matt waits until the last servant leaves and then sneaks over to Stella’s room. When he opens the door, he finds Stella in her hot tub. Things get steamy, and not only because of the hot water...

Life After Death

Now that their love is no longer a secret, Matt and Stella can’t keep their hands off of each other. But they have to behave themselves a little longer. After all, Mr. And Mrs. Wellington have invited Matt’s parents over for Christmas. But his parents are hesitant. They are poor, hard-working people and feel intimidated by the luxurious lifestyle of the Wellingtons.

Matt heads over to his parents’ house to convince them and to introduce them to his new girlfriend. He also has some explaining to do, as his parents are still unaware of the gruesome details from their horrible night in the woods. On the way over, Stella is very nervous. What if his parents don’t like her? What if they judge her for what she had to do in the cabin to get out alive?

After the meeting with his parents, Matt and Stella go back to her house to continue where they left off the night before. After another passionate night, the two lovers wake up in each other’s arms. It’s Christmas morning! Today, both families will meet for the first time...

After all they have been through, the love between Matt and Stella is stronger than ever. They know that there lies a bright future ahead for the two of them. And maybe not just for the two...

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