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War Girl Ursula: War Girls, #1

188 pages2 hours


Would you risk your life to save your enemy?

Prison guard Ursula Hermann does. 

A prisoner escapes. She looks the other way.

Ursula has always lived the law, never broken the rules in her life. 

That is until the day she finds escapee British airman Tom Westlake and does nothing to stop him. 

But in Berlin 1943 compassion is a crime. 

Torn with guilt, Ursula battles with her decision when suddenly Tom returns, injured and pleading for her help.

This is her opportunity to turn him in and redeem herself in the eyes of her country. 

Instead, she choses humanity over rules, and soon both of them are chased across the country, the fearsome Gestapo breathing down their necks.

A tense, fast-paced historical fiction with a gut-wrenching moral dilemma – and a sweet romance – at its core.

War Girl Ursula pays painstaking attention to historical detail, weaving true historic events into the story. 

If you're a fan of Pam Jenoff, Soraya Lane or Mark Sullivan, you'll devour this story by a USA Today Bestselling author.

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