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One Human...Being: Observations and Inspirations from Within the Journey

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In each life, there are experiences and moments that pass unnoticed, and then there are those that make us think, act, and transform into who we are as individuals. Through his own experiences, Danny Reddick has learned to not only grow, but also appreciate that each action, reaction, and interaction has defined who he is to himself and others. Within a candid recounting of his life, Danny shares his story and the lessons he has learned along the way. While leading others back into his past as he faced life for the first time without his mother, examined his life from a raw and primal perspective, celebrated his son’s legacy, and realized that some of the best experiences are when there is nothing going on at all, Danny inspires others to look inward and reflect on their own lives and blessings while focusing on making the world a better place. One Human …. Being shares the true story of one man’s walk through life as he reflects on his varied experiences, lessons, and blessings.

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