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MatiniKarayib Gawoulé 1870 - Martinique War of 1870

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1870: it is always the Second Empire in France, it is question of the restoration of the slavery as it was the case with Napoleon 1st in 1802; the slavery of non-whites has just been abolished in the US, it still exists in Cuba, Brazil; The massive deportations of non-white colonized people from India, Africa and China, to make up for the lack of "furniture-slaves" and to work in the service of the “béké”, are topical.
This "Lubin affair" is significant of the racist (antimelanist) and colonialist arrogance of the French power, particularly the “béké” who consider non-whites (melanoderms) still as their slaves, as their "furniture", their "imported ebony” from Africa, denying the humanity of non-white people. Is it necessary to recall the existence of the codified laws in the Black Code and its ordinances including that of 9 February 1779 which "formally forbids negroes to wear clothes identical to those of whites, requires respect and submission for all whites in general".

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