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Master Your Anxiety With Meditation & Mindfulness

24 pages19 minutes


Do you suffer from anxious thoughts? Well, most of us do - but for some, anxiety is an unwanted partner in life. Thankfully, there is a way out.

Learning to meditate and be mindful in each moment helps us to gain a better perspective on those anxious thoughts, and see that they are ultimately empty of self.

Written for the newcomer to meditation, this short book offers clear, practical instruction on meditation for alleviating anxiety. Follow the course for 3 weeks, and if you don't notice an improvement in your mental health, you are guaranteed a no-fuss refund.

The author has been meditating for 20+ years, and has written plenty of articles and books on the subject too. Their easygoing, clear style will help you to learn the basics of meditation, so that you can reap its rewards in no time.

Say goodbye to your anxiety today!

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