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The Stormblade Saga



The COMPLETE three book saga available in one box set!

He's a bug. She's an outcast. Together they will chart the course of an age.

Sidge is an Ek'Kiru, a bugman, whose people are more often pressed into servitude than taught to channel the fire of the Stormblade Temple. Kaaliya is an outcast masquerading as a palace courtesan in a bid to escape a life once foraged from the middens of civilization.

On his first pilgrimage, Sidge will descend into a confrontation with his true nature and learn the unsettling truth about his beloved temple. Kaaliya's ascent will take her beyond the realms of mortals and will require a careful negotiation with the demons of her hidden past. But they will never be far apart.

These two strangers' fates have intertwined at the closing of the Age of Man. The mighty storm dragon, Vasheru, ignites the sky. Ancient mountain peaks hover high above the eastern sea calling out the final mantra. And the formless entity known as Alshasra'a plans the new face of creation. The gods have passed judgment. All is to be unmade.

Before the end, Sidge and Kaaliya will uncover forgotten secrets forged in bronze and blood. A weapon with which to confront the gods. But will they choose salvation or vengeance?

Set in a realm described as a conversation between Tolkien and Kafka along the banks of the Ganges, this unique epic fantasy from Russ Linton is sure to engage and challenge you. Click the buy now button to get your complete saga today!

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