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BX-13. The Blood Game. Part 3.: The Blood Game, #3

130 pages2 hours


In part three of The Blood Game, Blake discovers his sister is still alive, and sets out to give her a life he feels compelled she should have had, before it was taken from her. He sets himself on a learning curve to discover how far his abilities can be stretched, and begins manipulating his enemies for fun, all the time learning, all the time honing his craft of evil.

Liev discovers he is being watched once more, and when Frank and Sharon get back in touch, they set out on a journey that will change everything they have come to believe. Liev has a little help from a usual source, because his memories are vital to his survival, and with enemies all around them, and no one they can trust but each other. Their time is running out to save the people they think need their help, but all the time are being dragged into a game they have no idea they are playing!

With time against everyone involved in the BX-13 project, the outcome was always going to not the one you expected!

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