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Meteors: A Shower of Aphorisms and Short Poems

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This is a short and varied collection of the thousands of poems and aphorism the author has been scribbling down, and fiddling with, for the last forty years. All were gratuitous inspirations that flash-streaked into his consciousness like meteors across a clear, star-bright sky, and which he managed to scribble-capture, as frantically as he able. Sometimes it was in a convenient note book, but most often on receipts, scraps of paper, business cards, napkins, paper bags, pages of a book he was reading, once even--a ten dollar bill. Whatever was handy.
One or two of the items are light and humorous, but all the rest are ideas about, and insights into, life, with many being about the inner, mystical workings of what can only be called, the Mystery, that ineffable generator of this mundane reality that we too often, and always catastrophically, believe has only one, very shallow, discrete, materialistic dimension to it.
These poems and aphorisms will appeal to anyone who is dissatisfied with the crude, materialistic, unenchanted shallowness of our modern world, and is looking for brief peeks into its deeper nature and meanings.

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