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Twins in Sex

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Can erotica and humour blend into a romantic story? We laugh, when something funny happens with others, but take it grim-faced, when it is about us. It gets hilarious when such a story is told by someone about himself, while he sees nothing amusing about it.
Nelson, a sophisticated university student, has casual sex with a pretty, but primitive Mexican girl, who works as a help at a small California fruit market. She is about his age; as she does not know a word in English, arranging a date with her is impossible. Driving home he thinks of the way to see her again. A few days later, to his astonishment, he bumps into her at the university campus. She is stylish, elegant, speaking flawless English. For good measure, she says that she has never seen him before. Reluctantly, she agrees for small talk. After hearing about Nelson’s meeting someone like her, she tells him that she has a twin sister. “For sure it was her. How your paths crossed? What happened between you and my sister?” she asks. For all his charm she refuses to tell him anything about her twin. He, however, has no choice but to answer her embarrassing questions.
His queer, erotically intense romance with the twins is saturated with fun, intrigue, passion, and ridicule. Who is the fool among the three of them? Who is genuinely in love? It is up to you, the reader, to discover.

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