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Seduced By My Straight Roommate

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In this story from the "College Bi-Curious Guys" series, bi-sexual Josh comes back to the dorm to find his straight roommate, Seth, watching hardcore man-on-man bisexual porn.

Seth invites Josh to watch the video with him, and soon straight Seth may not be so straight anymore as he gets (and gives!) his first time bisexual guy/guy oral!

Like the other stories from this series, it's all about this straight guy's first time gay action. There isn't a lot of distracting character development or story elements - the guys get to it and things get hot quickly!

Here's a selection from the story to get you started:

My mind was reeling - Is my roommate trying to seduce me?!?! What other reason could there possibly be for him to want to watch bisexual porn with me? Especially when it's more like gay porn with a token chick thrown in to make it "not gay"!

Obviously, I had to go for it. I pulled a chair over and sat down next to Seth as he restarted the video. The action started right away, with no chit chat or any attempt at a story, just two smoking-hot guys and a girl, all pulling their gear off and getting busy.

I was less interested in the movie then I was in Seth's motives, so I mostly watched him watching the action on-screen. He was totally into it as the girl made out with each guy in turn ... and Seth sat up a little straighter in his chair. I stole a glance at his lap and I could clearly see that he was excited, so all my doubts were erased - I was about to get some action from a straight boy!
I moved my hand down to my crotch and began casually rubbing it as I said, "Damn, that's hot!"

"I don't know why, but I think it's pretty hot, too."

"It's hot because that guy knows what he's doing down there! You ever get a hummer from someone who knows what they're doing? It's amazing."

"I wish! My girl hates going down. Plus, she's terrible at it."

That was good to know! This could be my way into those tight jeans...

"Damn, this is makin' me horny," I said, rubbing my crotch more obviously. "So, what do we do now?"


You know you want more, so read on as Seth learns the joys of gay college sex with his gay roommate!

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