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1888: The Ripper Revelation: Infinity Engines: Missions, #2

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What if you could go back in time and discover the real identity of Jack the Ripper?

It's 1888, the slums of London's East End are overrun with crime, disease and poverty. In the dark alleys of Whitechapel, a serial killer begins a killing spree, preying on prostitutes and leaving them horrifically mutilated. Detective Inspector Sabien is assigned to the case. A seasoned officer of the Protectorate, the temporal police force of the Oblivion Order, Sabien is tasked with tracking the down murderer.

Seconded to the nineteenth-century, the Inspector has a rare talent, the ability to travel through the timelines of the victims, giving him a 100% track record and earning him the nickname of 'Sherlock'. But this investigation is different, the Ripper seems to be able to hide from him, and as the body count begins to stack up, Sabien finds himself struggling to discover the killer's identity.

Infinity Engines: Missions takes you on a journey into an alternate history, one that might have been if it wasn't for the work of the Oblivion Order and their mission to save the future, by changing the past.

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