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Discovery Peru

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On occasion, a woman in the early, pre-war forties managed the necessary doctorate to go on field trips. It paid, of course, to have one that not only knew his way, but had successfully identified lucrative sites where treasure, if not science existed. Katherine May Lincoln was indebted to Dr. Keller Roberts. He had helped raise her when her father passed on some forgotten cliff study. He had funded and mentored her through to her own Doctorate in Archaeology.
The pursuit was mutual, for he wanted that trophy wife, but saw in her, a woman who could keep up in the field. She was not that sure, but then, she was an Archeologist, by God. If he could do it, she could do it. She was stubborn enough, strong enough, but it took tragedy and adjustment, acceptance, even resignation to open her eyes and her heart, and her world changed.
Dr. Katherine Roberts came back a very different woman... a good thing.
An exciting Archaeology adventure by G. Weldon Tucker- #TheStoryteller (since 1995).

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