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Vickie: Doctor by Day. Vampire Medic by Night (Book 4 of the Vickie Adventure Series)

255 pages3 hours


With the vampire virus in both her and her newborn son, she races to find a cure before they both turn.
Her research is halted when Dracula's grandson discovers her talent and she is sequestered to find a cure for an epidemic that is plaguing his vampire kingdom.

Will she find it in time to resume her research and find a cure before she or her son become vampires?After losing not one, but two husbands, Vicki vows to stay single. But will that vow hold true? Will she finally be happy in love and life? These questions and more are addressed in the final installment of the exciting and harrowing adventures of Dr. Vickie Anderson.

Here's what a few readers are saying....

"...Excellent ending to a fantastic series."

"...This book shook me to the core in some aspects, and had me thinking about my first impressions of the new characters. Some of them I was correct on, while others my opinion completely changed. Boy was I shocked at some of what I read. In a good way, on the shock, that is...."

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