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Once Upon a Time Boxed Set: Once Upon a Time, #6

868 pages11 hours


Four novels packed with heart-warming time-travel romances. 


The first four books in the Once Upon a Time series: Twist of Fate, When the Stars Align, Once in a Blue Moon, Once Upon a Christmas and the short story Storm Born


If you love time-travel romance, grab your copy of all four novels by this best-selling author. 


Twist of FateThe grandfather clock stood silent. A dangerous thunderstorm rages. 


The grandfather clock chimes the hour. The same. Yet different.


Erika Becquerelfaces an impossible choice. Lives hang in the balance. She must choose. 

When the Stars Align

An early evening storm settles over the city of New Orleans.


Bradley finds shelter in a smoke-filled tavern. 


Little does he know the mystery this tavern holds. 

Storm Born


A thunderstorm brewed. A storm brought promises. And memories.


Vaughn Dupre felt a familiar electricity in the air. 


An electricity only she could feel. 


Once in a Blue MoonArabella Becquerel inherits an antebellum plantation house from her great-grandmother. A house overrun with Civil War re-enactors adamant about staying in character and insisting that the year is 1863. Arabella discovers secrets in the past that could change her life forever. Once Upon a ChristmasVaughn Dupre woke disoriented. Nothing unusual. She woke disoriented every day. 


In 1714 Indians attacked her traveling party. Only she survived. 


She found something completely unexpected in 1820. Something life changing.


But today Vaughn wakes in 1969.


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