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Daughter of Odysseus: Searching for Ithaka

307 pages3 hours


‘Who wants to die and go to Heaven when paradise is right here?’

Determined not to be estranged from her Greek heritage, Christine journeys through the motherland. She is searching, searching for that which has been missing from her life.

Through cosmopolitan towns, ancient and medieval splendours, holy sites and warm nights under starry skies, Christine searches.

But the search is not easy, the travels never smooth. The past never erased. For a force continually tries to bar her path, to drag her into the realm of shadows and death.

Christine must prove herself worthy and dig deep within herself for strength, courage and hope. She must tear away the masks around her, ignore the siren songs luring her away, away from Ithaka. She must transform, but she must also stay true to herself in order to plant her roots and flower amongst the sacred stones of Greece.

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