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The Magic of Stars: Blue Skies series

349 pages5 hours


In a moment of recklessness air stewardess Sapphire Montrose throws caution and her dress to the wind and propositions a handsome stranger in a hotel in Florence, only to find herself rejected, waking up alone and embarrassed in her hotel room.
Unfortunately for Sapphire it turns out that her new boss, Marco Cavarelli, is the man she failed to seduce and she is now fighting for her job and her self-respect as he tells her there is no place in his revamped airline for a woman who can't control her wilfulness To make matters worse she is increasingly attracted to him and he seems to be giving out the same vibes. Or is he simply testing her? One wrong move could be the end of her career. But what if he really is offering love – and is he worth the risk?

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