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The Complete Alkaline Diet Cookbooks for Beginners: Understand pH, Eat Well with Simple Alkaline Diet Cookbook and more than 50 DELICIOUS RECIPES.10 Day Meal Plan

The Complete Alkaline Diet Cookbooks for Beginners: Understand pH, Eat Well with Simple Alkaline Diet Cookbook and more than 50 DELICIOUS RECIPES.10 Day Meal Plan

The Complete Alkaline Diet Cookbooks for Beginners: Understand pH, Eat Well with Simple Alkaline Diet Cookbook and more than 50 DELICIOUS RECIPES.10 Day Meal Plan

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Mar 13, 2019


Nothing will get you to your biggest health goals, the energy and vitality of your dreams, faster than living easy, nourishing, enjoyable Alkaline lifestyle.

Most individuals simply assume that in order to be healthy and avoid the risk of suffering from chronic diseases, they just need to eat a healthy balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates fruits and vegetables, exercise and manage their levels of stress.

However, being healthy, avoiding the risk of suffering from some chronic diseases is much more than merely just eating a balanced diet and exercising.

For example, in order to lose weight, be healthy and avoid the risk of suffering from certain diseases you also need to balance your body pH.

Our bodily fluids need to maintain a pH that is slightly alkaline; thus if you eat foods that have an acidic effect, you will definitely be having problems. Hence, in addition to eating a balanced diet, you also need to know which foods have an acidic effect as well as those that have an alkaline effect, and this is exactly what this book will cover.

This book will show you exactly what to do, what not to do, what you'll be eating, drinking and doing for each day of your life to stay healthy and fit.

You will learn more about the alkaline diet, its benefits, as well as alkaline foods you should start eating as well as those foods with acidic effects that you need to eat less.

If you really want to transform your health and energy in just seven days, you HAVE to see the amazing recipes in this book. The recipes could change your health and life forever.

No matter how long you've been stuck in a battle with your body, and stuck in frustration and pain, the Alkaline Lifestyle will change all of that in a matter of days.

I think you'll love it, because it is all about reconnecting with your body, working as a team again.

By understanding what the body needs to heal and repair and simply giving it that- the miracle happens.

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Mar 13, 2019

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The Complete Alkaline Diet Cookbooks for Beginners - Anna Johnson


My Story

Some years back I was so down with back pain that defied all medications. I laid on the bed for months! I went through several processes; from chiropractic massage to acupuncture to even surgery. All without success. It was only when I discovered the alkaline style that I got relieved from the relentless back pain. The results I got from alkaline lifestyle filled me with joy and profound happiness.

I decided to share my story with you because I believed that several individuals are also going through various pains with no to turn for genuine help.

To appreciate why acid-balance of the body is so essential; it helps to understand that all living creatures are dependent on a balanced pH level. Human bodies are naturally alkaline by design, and the environment in which the cells exist is the terrain must pH-balanced. In simplest terms, the pH level of internal fluids; the blood and tissues affects each cell in the body and is the most significant condition for maintaining wellness.

Note that sometimes the best solutions can be the easiest. Studies have shown that chronic pain pills seldom help patients in the long term. Drugs often seem to 'work' short term only as a result of their short-term effects.

Nutrition is proven by all known standards to eliminate pain in many forms. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are also far less costly than pharmaceutical pills. Eating a balanced alkaline diet is one of the most powerful ways to free you and your loved ones from chronic pain and other health problems.



Each health specific dietary plan is designed to generate somewhat the same or related results, yet each follows a different route to achieve such aims. The Alkaline Diet has been brought out by the professionals to help our body function efficiently and effectively while curtailing the threats of various diseases. This is because our bodies need an optimum pH level for all the enzymes to really work. The neutrality of the internal environment can be kept alive only with a good and balanced diet. Since the majority of food items are more acidic, everybody is suffering from ailments such as indigestion, the acidity of the gut, and other related diseases. The alkaline diet is the solution to all of these ailments because it offers you the perfect approach to maintain the internal pH level.

What is pH?

In layman language, pH means the level of acidity in a substance. The lower the pH values, the high the acidity is and the high the pH values indicates alkalinity. The whole pH scale ranges from 1 to 14 in values. Compounds with pH value lower than 6 are categorized as acidic. pH 7 indicates neutrality and values higher than 7 are classified as alkaline (basic). The higher the value, the more alkaline the compound is.


The foods individuals eat also vary in pH values; certain substances are rich in acids while some are more alkaline. There are no marked classes to differentiate a pure alkaline diet from a non-alkaline diet, besides to identify the substances with low pH and stay away from them. Products such as meat, lemons, dairy, oranges, and processed meat are all acidic in nature. These are some pH values of commonly eaten food products to provide with a primary idea about pH and its association with food.

Food    pH values

Lemon juice   2.00-2.60

Limes    2.00-2.80

Blue plums   2.80-3.40

Grapes   2.90-3.40

Pomegranates  2.93-3.20

Grapefruits   3.00-3.75

Blueberries   3.12-3.33

Pineapples   3.20-4.00

Apples   3.30-4.00

Peaches   3.30-4.05

Oranges   3.69-4.34

Tomatoes   4.30-4.90

Sauerkraut   3.30-3.60

Beets    5.30-6.60

Corn    5.90-7.50

Cabbage   5.20-6.80

Mushrooms   6.00-6.70

Broccoli   6.30-6.85

Collard greens  6.50-7.50


Food is more than just a mere energy source; it supplies the essential constituents to maintain a more conducive internal environment in the body to give room to each organ to function in absolute sync and balance. Thus, the kind of food is a precursor factor in performing all the bodily functions excellently. Food strengthens the immune system, combats diseases, tones muscles and promotes constant growth.

Acidic food is not only dangerous to the stomach but also to other internal organs. Alkaline food, in contrast, is so easy to digest and maintains the internal pH balance of the body.

Why the Alkaline Diet Beneficial

The concept behind alkaline food is that it has higher levels of pH and simple ingredients. Once we consume food, it undergoes a series of digestive mechanisms, witnesses changing pH environments, and ultimately breaks down into energy molecules. Most of the enzymes in the digestive system, apart from the stomach, need an alkaline and or neutral environment to act on food molecules optimally. When these categories of food do not available, indigestion is bound to occur, the death of several gut microbes and inhibition of assimilation of a number of nutrients. Alkaline diet neutralizes the gastric juices and helps in better digestion through the gastrointestinal tract (gut).

Evidence that the Alkaline Diet is beneficial

The science of the alkaline came into limelight when some of the experts projected that some foods are more acidifying than the other. These food items induce more calcium from the bones and eventually bring about osteoporosis in the early stages. Advanced researches later established that it is not limited to a few items, rather lots of items having low pH, which are connected to ailments such cancer, cardiovascular diseases, bone weakness diabetes, headaches, bloating, gut disorders, and so on.

The Alkaline Diet is widely recognized for preventing kidney stones and urinary infections. There are scores of scientific findings which confirmed such claims.

A group of person, who changed to alkaline food, experienced little or no acidity, strong bones, and muscles and high metabolic rates over a few months.

Microbiome and its responsibility in alkalinity

Generally, there are microbes including certain bacteria which live inside the gut. These microbes support the digestion process, shelter the inner lining of the intestine and help in proper absorption of food. The microbiome is an entire habitat which is established these microbes inside the guts. They produce enzymes which breakdown food, hitherto undigested by the body and eliminates all the toxins. Such microbes can thrive well in

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