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EKG/ECG Interpretation Made Easy: A Practical Approach to Passing the ECG/EKG Portion of NCLEX

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Grasping concepts relating to the most common rhythms is essential for today's nurse who sees sicker patients – many requiring telemetry. It is also the backbone of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support training–a must-have for nurses interested in critical care.

Contrary to popular belief, cardiac rhythm identification isn't hard. What most of us need is access to a good book. EKG/ECG Interpretation Made Simple makes learning to read and interpret rhythm strips simple. Among other things, the book explains how to obtain and interpret a rhythm strip, and interpret 12-lead ECGs.

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

Understanding the Principles Of Cardiac Electrophysiology And ECG InterpretationThe electrical conduction system of the heart The sinoatrial node (SA node)Studying the clinical aspects of automaticityCardiac Electrophysiology: action potential, automatic and electrical vectorsThe ECG leads: electrodes, limbleads, chest (precordial) leads, 12-Lead ECG (EKG)Presentation of ECG leadsStandard display of ECG leads in the 12-lead ECGECG Interpretation: definitions, criteria, and characteristics of the normal ECG (EKG) waves, intervals, durations & rhythmNCLEX practice test questionsMuch, much, more!

You can expect to fully understand EKG interpretation and ultimately pass the NCLEX with ease!


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