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Jack Houston St. Clair Series (Books 7-9): A Jack Houston St. Clair Thriller

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Sam Houston St. Clair knows the days are running out before the new Congress convenes. 

But before he returns to Washington, Sam has to deal with his late wife. A long-ago former lover never leaves his side, knowing she will likely be Sam's First Lady if he's named the new President. 


Eve Harrington wrangles an invitation from President Norwalk to return to Washington aboard Air Force One. 


Crooked lawyer Derek has to balance his Russian partners' increasing bossiness as they prepare to transfer $27 million to the Bahamas. Watching from the sidelines are the Cuban government undercover operatives funneling the money—they don't trust the Russians. 

Meanwhile, the ambassadors' secret plans to remove Hawkins from the equation, thus ensuring the election for Sam, move forward. 

It all comes to a head at midnight on New Year's Eve.






Sam reflects on life as President after his first full day in office as others do the same thing. He feels fenced in a little by his former lover's efforts to get as close to him as possible, when his real feelings are for Eve.


Matt Hawkins, now a Senator after taking Norwalk's deal to switch votes, is in the news as the tabloids have a field day with the news, not to mention his love affair with Patricia Vaughan.


The new Vice President wants to run against Sam in 4 years, and plans to betray him accordingly.


Eve's mother, Maggie, impressed by how well Eve has done for herself, plots to escape the narrow and constricted life she once shared with Eve in snooty Savannah.


Crooked lawyer Derek, about to be shot by his Russian "friends," jumps into the ocean 50 miles from Miami, and after a harrowing night, is rescued by some fishermen in the morning. He creates big news when he returns to Miami alive.


Slanetti, now a high-paid lobbyist, contacts a major contractor who manages hundreds of military installations for the Pentagon. He tells him he thinks Sam is going to close half of them.


The undercover Cuban operatives have some internal issues that have to be dealt with --- harshly.





Returning from Vienna where he met with Russian and Chinese diplomats, Sam is making his way back to Flagler Hall in Miami, his first trip home since being inaugurated 3 months ago.



Son Jack is in the midst of turmoil of his own back in Miami, dealing with various dramas, not the least of which is his increasing alienation from Babylon Fuentes and his growing attraction to the seductive Lupe Rodriguez.



The Cuban agents address new problems as they struggle to expand Cuba's secret operations in the U.S., made even more difficult as U.S.-Cuban relations thaw.



Russians agents, by gifting $50 million to an ex-President's foundation, set out to buy a gold-uranium mine through a London shell company. The mine is partially owned by Sam and Jack.



At a huge formal dinner, Sam surprises everybody when he makes an announcement that stuns the world.


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