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Disappear & Re-Appear!

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I have written this e-booklet based on the twenty years I have been teaching Situational Awareness, Preparedness and Survival beginning in 1999 with my best selling A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond featured on CNN, Fox News and Coast to Coast AM with its founder the late legendary Art Bell. Since then I have written six more books and ebooks on this niche and done the Coast to Coast AM show numerous times. I have also been a guest columnist for Survivor’s Edge magazine.

As you will learn from this short but hopefully informative book that is a Master Plan for my worldwide clients, there is a very good reason for preparing right now to especially leave the USA Mainland. This event is not some New Age psycho babble but a Real Physical event that happens every 12,500 years! We just happen to be at the time it will start happening again in 2020 through 2055.

I am also a former investigative reporter for CBS News so what I KNOW is coming I have known about since about 2000 when I read an article by several respected Soviet Union Astrophysicists and in this e-booklet is a recent YouTube link to a talk given by one of those astrophysicist. It has already been watched over 21,000 times in less than three months! Even current President Vladimir Putin believes in it and my reliable intelligence sources say he has reconfigured his underground military bases to accommodate himself and his BILLIONAIRE oligarch buddies!

So what is this event? It is called the Solar Minimum and it accompanies a Mini Ice Age that will drop temperatures to freezing in South Beach Miami in the dead of summer!

Where I am planning to move with my clients is already being bought up by Saudis and Chinese according to my real estate agent.


Because it will be 60 degrees in the dead of summer!

Hopefully you will take note to prepare to Disappear & Re-appear!

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