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So I Am human

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Popular-science book about man written for all those who are interested in learning more about the conditions of human existence and what can be learned from it in order to lead a happier life.
In a science-oriented world, the number of those who have become disoriented is growing rapidly when it comes to answering questions that go beyond what the sciences are able to answer. These are existential questions to which not many people are indifferent: Where do we come from? What is the meaning of life? Does God exist? Is there a life after death?
In view of scientific findings, many people of faith feel insecure. But the statement of the German reformer Martin Luther «Whoever wants to be a Christian, should tear the eyes out of his reason», is no longer valid. 
Science itself has now paved the way and is able to point to a transcendent (i.e. otherworldly) reality (a reality that exists beyond what we perceive with our senses and what we are able to understand with our reason) and what this means for our view of the world and our view of man. Modern natural sciences are in a position to show the way up to a point of rational insight from where it is impossible to go any further. They are not in a position to «say» what is beyond this boundary. Once you get there, however, you can «see» with certainty that such a reality exists. And this is an extremely liberating experience.

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