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Soul Candy

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Good people, nice people, for once they tried to be bold. They pushed the boundaries, followed their dreams, found a hunger in their souls and feasted, becoming unsung heroes, saving thousands in the process. It is time that their story is told. The past and the present collide and no one saw it coming, least of all themselves. So many seemingly unrelated elements come together in a tale so strange and unusual that it couldn't have been made up. There is no limit to the things that happen without your knowledge, without official permission, without rhyme or reason. Download Soul Candy and be touched by just one, small incident in a world of bizarre scenarios just outside of common knowledge, just around the corner or down the street from your safe, secure world. So close but lucky for you, a world away, unless you trip and fall in your own batch of soul candy where anything could happen. Maybe you will see it coming, but don't count on it.

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