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Krartu the wildebeest has blood on his horns. He is no longer afraid. Something terrible has stirred beneath his hide, pulsing through his heart; it is magnificent. He will not be of the herd! He will lower his horns and they shall decide his fate!

"Wildebeest" is a mythical tale about a wildebeest set in the African savannah. Within the herd of wildebeests there arises a particular creature whose consciousness gradually awakens and goes beyond the normal behaviour of the herd mentality. The story begins with the birth of the wildebeest amidst dangerous and threatening surroundings. All around him the herd are killed and eaten by the predators, but he stands alone in yearning to defend himself.

The central wildebeest character is Krartu, a creature who from the very beginning is clearly different to the rest of the herd. In his determination to fight, he inadvertently sets himself against the Elders of the herd and the established order of the wildebeests. Although quickly recognised as the largest and strongest of the beasts among his kind, he soon becomes an outcast.

Krartu must face his greatest enemies ~ the pride of lions who have for generations stalked the wildebeests. But can he achieve what he sets out to do? He is, after all, just a wildebeest....

*S.P. Austen asserts the moral right to be identified as the author and illustrator of this work and as the owner of the Text Copyright and Illustration Copyright.

"Wildebeest" contains 25 line drawings by the author.

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