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Uncle & Niece

Uncle & Niece

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Uncle & Niece

107 pages
1 hour
Mar 31, 2019


Fred Mueller is busy raising his niece Lizette while he's traveling around the solar system in his ship Starlover. But when Richard Williams, junior catches Fred with Viki, things get bad for the uncle an niece, especially after they visit Pluto, the one planet in the system which is still quarantined. A ban which no longer makes sense raises too many questions from everyone.

Mar 31, 2019

About the author

I'm a strange & unusual writer who lives and works within her own universe which is full of elves, fairies, were creatures, vampires, merfolks, tiny nekos, androids, etc.

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Book Preview

Uncle & Niece - Ali Noel Vyain


Chapter 1 Things in Common


Yes, Starlover!

It’s time for you piano lesson.

Lizette ran to living room with the keyboard. Starlover activated the screen in the same room. Soon Lizette was receiving a video call from her teacher. She answered it.

Hi, teacher!

Hello. Let’s begin your lesson.

Lizette nodded and sat down at her keyboard. The camera on focused on her. She played the first piece she had practiced all week by Earth’s time. It was just a warm up exercise. Next she had to play a couple of pieces of music. All were very simple. She hadn’t had that many lessons just yet.

Ah, you have mastered all this past week. Let’s move on to something harder.

The next pieces were worked on. It took some time. Lizette was so focused on her lesson that she was startled when her teacher told her their time was up.


Yes, now practice and I’ll see you next week.


The teacher disconnected.

Later. Lizette?

Yes, Starlover?

It’s time for your voice lesson.

Good. Lizette answered the video call from her teacher.

They started with a warm up and went through a few songs she had practiced all week.

On a different part of the ship, Fred was busy working. He was working with Starlover performing maintenance. He was able to get through it faster with her telling him what he needed to do. He hummed along with his niece. He wondered if her teachers realized she wasn’t fully human. Or did they even care what she looked like? It was possible they thought her hair was dyed rather than her natural coloring.

How’s that, Starlover?

Better. Just a little more tweaking and I’ll be in tiptop shape again.

Okay. He hummed some more as he made more adjustments.

Oh, that’s it. You did it, Fred.

Good. All those years of practice have paid off. I’ve been complimented by a computer. He laughed.

Her lesson ended. He could hear her laughter. It made him smile. He had never wanted any children of his own, yet this child had charmed him. He hadn’t regretted taking her in. He had given his word to her mother and he was keeping and enjoying the responsibility.

Fred was repairing a section of the ship when Lizette came by.

Uncle Freddie, what are you doing?

I’m fixing something.

Can I help?

Uh, sure.

She watched him closely. He glanced at her and could see her mother’s influence on her. She handed tools to him and watched him replacing parts.

Why do you have to replace parts?

They wear out. This is our home. I have to take care of it otherwise, we could die out here in space.

Oh. She watched him more closely. She handed him more tools. Starlover, how do you like it when my uncle works on you?

I like it very much.

Lizette smiled. Fred smiled back at her. He told her more repair tips. She listened carefully and absorbed his every word. Starlover recorded these moments on the ship. It was becoming clear that Lizette wanted to learn everything about the ship including how to take care of it.

Starfire made notes alone in her secret room. Starlover, these two seem to have quite a bit in common.

I can confirm that. They also seem so happy together now.

But they still have nightmares. Will those ever go away for them?

I don’t know. All the data I can find doesn’t give any clear answer for that.

I look exactly like Lizette’s mother. I would imagine it would shock her if she saw me.

Yes, I think you’re right about that. That’s why Fred said you should stay in your room. At least you can do most of your work in there.

Otherwise, I would go crazy and feel trapped.

Imagine how I feel.

You’re the whole ship or at least the soul behind it.

Yes, I am the soul behind this ship. This ship is my body.

And Fred built us both.

That he did, but you know he won’t last forever.

Oh, right, he’s human and we could outlive him.

Yes, but then we will have Lizette.

Yes, at least we have her. She can learn how to take care of us in time.

Chapter 2 Viki & Sarina

Venus filled the viewscreen.

Oh, it’s so beautiful.

Fred smiled. He was in the pilot’s seat with his niece Lizette sitting in the co-pilot’s seat.

Wow! You did this before I was born?

Yes and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

The child smiled. Now, I get to travel with you.


And if my parents hadn’t died, I’d still be with them.

Yes, you would.

She sighed. But I can’t have them back and have them travel with us.

Fred raised an eyebrow. Well, I don’t know that they would like to travel around the solar system as we do. I think they were happy to stay in one spot all the time.

Yeah, I guess you’re right about that. She looked at him. So, now what are we going to do?

Well, I’m going to visit a friend who lives here. You are going to stay on the ship.

Oh. Why can’t I go with you to meet your friend?

Because it isn’t safe for you. You need to stay on the ship. Starlover will keep you company.


Starlover, you are cleared to land on platform 5.

Fred answered, Acknowledged. Starlover, take us in to platform 5.

Heading for platform 5, said Starlover.

Lizette watched the viewscreen closely as Starlover landed the ship safely on the platform in the designated spot. It was another safe landing. Lizette blinked and watched the swirling yellow clouds.

Uncle Freddie, there are people in the clouds.

He unstrapped himself. There are?

Yeah, I can see them. They’re yellow like the clouds.

What? I don’t understand. Who could be living in the clouds?

Starlover answered, The air nymphs live in the clouds of Venus. Lizette is half earth nymph, so she can see them.

Oh, that explains it. Your mother was an earth nymph.

And green.

Yes, she was. You have inherited your green hair and green eyes from her.

Sometimes my skin looks a bit green.

Oh, I think in your case that’s fine. Isn’t that right, Starlover?

Yes, that is correct. Her biology is different from yours. She can have green skin and be fine. If your skin turns green, it is because you are sick.

Right. Fred stood up. Okay, now stay on the ship, Lizette.

Okay. I’ll practice for my lessons while you’re gone.

Good idea. I’m sure Starlover will give you some math and reading lessons too.

Of course I will. She won’t get into any trouble.

Okay, you know how to get a hold of me if you need to. He picked up a small communicator. But please don’t contact me unless it’s an emergency.

Okay, I won’t. Lizette hugged him goodbye.

He hugged her back. "I shouldn’t be gone too long and you do know where

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