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Make Your Own Damn Cheese: Understanding, Navigating, and Mastering the 3 Mazes of Success

Make Your Own Damn Cheese: Understanding, Navigating, and Mastering the 3 Mazes of Success

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Make Your Own Damn Cheese: Understanding, Navigating, and Mastering the 3 Mazes of Success

4/5 (2 ratings)
70 pages
52 minutes
May 1, 2019


Earl is a curious young mouse who wonders ceaselessly about the maze into which he was born. In trying to escape the maze, he encounters dead ends no matter how hard he works. He yearns for a better life, filled with freedom and happiness. Earl desires more than the maze has to offer—a life where the cheese is plentiful and never out of reach. He believes he needs to get out of the maze, but how?

In this delightful and compelling tale, you will follow Earl on his journey through the philosophies of the major players in the history of personal development. Learned mice Napoleon, Jim, Bob, Brian, Denis, and Price reveal to Earl how his mind looks and functions. They teach him how to master his own mind to design and create his own maze. He learns what cheese really is and why it is essential. Most importantly, Earl discovers who he really is and is joyfully astonished to learn the guiding principles that will revolutionize his life; he does not have to spend his days chasing cheese—he learns to make his own damn cheese!

The powerful concepts in this gem of a book will put you on a path out of the mundane and allow you to fulfill your true and immense potential.
May 1, 2019

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Make Your Own Damn Cheese - John Chuback


Chapter 1

Earl Loved to Read

nce upon a time, in a maze not so far away, there lived a young mouse named Earl. He was a very curious mouse and wondered ceaselessly about the little maze he was born into. He yearned for a better life. He wanted more than the maze had to offer. Earl loved to read and felt fortunate to have found two wonderful books about mice, and little people, and their relationship with cheese and the maze they lived in. The books were widely believed to contain great wisdom and insight into how to live a good life.

The first little book seemed to say that there was an invisible outside source that provided all the cheese in the maze. These mysterious outsiders appeared to control where the cheese would appear in the maze, when it would appear, and how much cheese would materialize when it did. This book taught that a smart mouse should have the courage to leave his current cheese station to explore the maze if and when it appeared that the cheese supply was coming to an end. This seemed very logical. Every smart mouse Earl knew saw this as very wise advice.

Then Earl read the second little book and became confused. This book seemed to say that everyone was mistaken. They had been living under the spell of a powerful illusion. According to book number two, the mice did not live within a physical maze. The startling revelation was that, in fact, the maze was in the mouse. It also appeared to Earl that the second little book was suggesting that in order to be a mouse like no other one should escape the maze by whatever means one could.

After thinking long and hard about the two books, Earl decided he wouldn’t stand for a lifetime of pursuing cheese without the possibility of finding happiness. He made up his mind to become a mouse like no other and get out of the maze, even though no one had ever really explained what was outside. From his reading, he deduced that whatever there was out there must be better than what the maze had to offer.

Earl didn’t have the strength to crash through a wall, nor a friend powerful enough to throw him on top of the maze. He certainly didn’t have the magical ability to walk through walls as if they didn’t exist; so, Earl thought seriously about how a mouse like himself could actually get out. After lots of thinking, he decided to dig his way out! He was fortunate to find a pick-axe and a shovel in a remote, rarely travelled, area of the maze. He began immediately to tunnel his way outside of the physical maze that imprisoned him.

Earl was able to chop through the floor of the maze without much effort and found himself in the earth beneath it. Once there, he began to burrow laterally in one direction. Earl created a long underground passageway, and when he felt he’d gone a far enough distance, he began picking up above his head, expecting to find freedom outside the maze. To his dismay, as he surfaced, he found what looked like the underside of the maze. No problem, Earl thought to himself, I’ll just dig a little farther to the side and try again. This little maze of mine must be bigger than I thought.

Days went by, and then months, but Earl had no luck in getting beyond the limits of the maze. He did everything he could to figure out a path to liberation, but no matter which direction he had dug, and no matter how long a tunnel he created, he always came up against the floor of the maze.

Ultimately, he was so desperate to be free, he wondered if what appeared to be the floor of the maze was actually the

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