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A Stupid, Defiant Dream

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For all of Whitney Davis' life, she's been a daddy's girl; more than content to have him dictate her choices; anything to stay in his good graces. He's picked her future career, has pushed her to have certain friends, and she doesn't doubt he's already decided who she'll marry and how many children she'll have. Up until eight months ago, Whitney didn't mind. It made life easy, if not just a bit boring.

Then, one late night studying, Whitney wanted a brownie break and, seeing her dorm had none, she donned an apron and made her own. The attempt was barely edible, and she didn't enjoy any that night. But she did the next time, and by her fourth attempt, Whitney's dorm-mates were begging for more.

As soon as she realized she could bake and people would line up to eat the goods, Whitney decided she wants control over her own life. She's twenty-four, damnit. It's about time.

But her father doesn't see it that way.

When Whitney approaches him with the new plan for her life (culinary school and then a bakery), he throws her out of the house. Abandoned, heartbroken, and penniless, Whitney travels to Derbinwood, Pennsylvania to live with a great aunt she hardly remembers. She vows she'll prove her father wrong, that his cruel treatment won't break her. That's easier said than done, especially when she meets the Kings, an electrifying couple that set Whitney's nerves on fire and changes her idea of what a relationship can be.
Will Whitney succeed and become master of her own life? Or will her stupid, defiant dream be her downfall, just like her father says it will?

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