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Five Dead Rooks

374 pages5 hours


A calculating killer, a laid back policeman, and a frantic phone call mark the beginning of the "Five Dead Rooks" mystery, Inspector Walter Darriteau's seventh case, and unquestionably his most difficult to date.

Bilk Thomas runs a Chester city centre nightclub catering for the more mature drinker and dancer. Why not? They have the money and they have the time, and when time's pressing people occasionally make rash decisions.  It's the wee small hours of Wednesday morning, the quietest day of the week, and Bilk is keen to count the money, lock up, and get home to his big and pleasant house in suburbia.

He's only been in a matter of minutes when the doorbell rings. Who the heck comes ringing doorbells at coming up 2am? Bilk goes to the door and sees a man he does not recognise.

After some discussion, he lets him in. Would you let a stranger into your home at 2am? Not many people would. But Bilk Thomas did, and maybe that was a big mistake.

"Five Dead Rooks" is available now and will keep you interested to the very end. Order your copy here today… 


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