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2128 is another bad year for humans.

While the earth is straining at its seams under the multiple pressures of climate change, a handful of powerful crypto-state corporations wrestle with the U.N. for the steering wheel of the world's consumer economy, which is headed through the guard rails and off a cliff. Tattered social structures, like capitalism and democracy, are fast approaching their degenerate end-states, and even the forward progress of human evolution seems in question.

But a young polymath named Lori Norton discovers that 2128 is a very lucky year for donkeys.

In the second book of the Serendipity Trilogy, Lori and a mercenary coder named Sevier Blume, fall in separately with a band of aging informatics pirates who run the obscure World History Institute. They find themselves in a cloistered world where the facts of times gone by are malleable, and where the laws of physics are giving way to the whims of the macronome. Where once the worry was malevolent Artificial Intelligences discovering teamwork, now the puzzle has become what to expect from the dawning age of the trybrid: The heart and grit of a donkey, the history and wisdom of all humanity, and the power of biologic processing.

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