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Beyond Babylon

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Introduction by Jhumpa Lahiri A kaleidoscopic novel probing citizens' complicity with and struggle again right-wing, authoritarian politics in three nations that suffered fascism: Italy, Argentina, and Somalia A big, meaty, masterful novel equally adept at dissecting the lives of nations as those of human beings Anchored by the engrossing lives of two half-sisters who meet coincidentally in Tunisia, it sensitively examines the family dynamics of them, their mothers, and the elusive father who ties all their stories together Engages hot-button issues of fear-based politics, repressive governments, sexual assault, and trauma “Scego belongs to a group of contemporary authors of African descent who have been articulating fraught dynamics of belonging to Italian society and literature.” — Public Books Scego's essay on the “tampon tax” has been credited with changing tax law in EU nations (available here: )

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