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Pray For Your Husband: 335 Prayers To Bring God's Transformational Power Into His Life And Your Home To Produce Miraculous Changes

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Your husband will become the best man for you when he is manifesting the best of God in every area of his life. You can give him immense assistance in this regard by praying regularly for him. You are the most qualified to pray for him more than anybody else. You are the partner (suitable helper) God has given him for the rest of his life.

Your prayers will move mountains and produce miraculous changes that will bring immense happiness and joy into your marriage and home.

This book contains several prayers that cover a variety of areas of need. There are 335 Prayer Points grouped under 38 Prayer Topics and 10 Broad Prayer Categories. They are well-thought out, scripture based prayers that will help wives to release the power of God in pertinent areas of their husbands' lives. The list of scriptures used is provided at the bottom of each group of prayers for easy reference.

Begin today to use this book to pray for your husband so as to open the uninterrupted flow of God's transformational power into his life and your home.

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