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Sherlock Holmes Urban Fantasy Mysteries: Sherlock Holmes Urban Fantasy Mysteries, #1

327 pages3 hours


5 great Sherlock Holmes books in one huge volume. 

Magic and Illusions

Sherlock Holmes friend, Harry Houdini, is preparing an extremely dangerous act where he is locked into a giant bottle of water with only a few seconds left to escape from chains and anklets binding his limbs.

But someone else has other ideas in mind for Harry. Plans to make sure he doesn't escape.

Can Holmes and his friends save a stubborn Harry from drowning?

Reflections on a Dark Matter

Is it true that the past affects our future?

Sherlock Holmes was about to find out when his friend Harry finds himself haunted by a master of magic from centuries ago.

Intent on punishing and torturing Harry she is willing to do anything to make him suffer, including taking the lives of his friends.

Can Holmes help Harry and stop this dark soul from wreaking vengeance upon his loved ones?

Case of the Dreadful Fate

A teacher dies horribly.

Another is in grave danger.


Holmes and Watson embark on a search for the truth to discover the truth behind rumors of a mythological beast haunting the school the teacher died in.

What will they find?

How will they stop another death from happening?


A master of horror stories has come to make life in London not only difficult but terrified.

Can Holmes stop a madman with too much power from hurting more citizens and wreaking havoc?

Case of the Fallen Angel

Constable Evans is a stout ally of Sherlock Holmes and Watson and a loyal son of the Inspector Bloods.

But he is just one of many men that may soon fall prey to a vampire.

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