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The 13th Key: Dragonscale series, #1

411 pages5 hours


Noah Chord is just an ordinary teenager … or is she?

One day, hearing-impaired, budding fashion designer, Noah, is at school; the next she's saving the world. Not her world though – a place called Talisker, a world woven from music. And it all started when she met that cat!

A reluctant hero, Noah finds herself at the centre of a prophecy: find the 13th key and save Talisker from destruction. To succeed she must outwit the charismatic Orville Kurz, battle wizards and goblins, and even counsel her allies. Noah's catwalk crusades have tested her fighting spirit, but she will need all her tenacity if she is to restore the fabric of Talisker and save its inhabitants from Orville's evil plot!

The 13th Key is the first book in Sarah Fisher's magical Dragonscale series. Written with much humour, imagination and fashion tips, Noah's adventures will leave you breathless – and reaching for the next book.

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