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Z - Takeover: Z Series, #4

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Book 4 of the Zombie ApocalypseMamba is dead…or is he?Having tested the capabilities and defenses of the survivors based at Heathrow without inflicting any serious damage, Mamba had no option but to fall back. Heathrow had been better prepared than he had imagined and, instead of licking their wounds, they hunted him down, determined to stop him once and for all. They believed that they had caught up with him and taken him out with their second attempt on his life – after all, they had plenty of circumstantial evidence and a body to prove that they had finally got their man (Z – Payback, Book 3 of the Zombie Apocalypse).But Mamba is streetwise, smart and not so easy to kill. He is also a survivor in a world where the vast majority of the population simply couldn't cope. He is in his element.With Heathrow unaware that Mamba had staged his own death, he is now able to roam the streets of London at will, giving him the time to regroup and prepare a better plan of attack. He now knows their strengths and weaknesses and is determined to take advantage of that knowledge.In this, the fourth outing, Mamba is back, and he's hell-bent on taking on his enemies once again.

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