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Friendship can be murder



Review for Check Mate:

Book 3 was more serious...suspenseful yet warm. One of the strangest series I've read. I read it in one day. I will be looking for some from the author's other series. 

At the end of book 2, Cressida Barker-Powell-Hopkins was fighting for her life in hospital after being mowed down by her former best friend, now arch-nemesis Monica in a hit and run murder attempt. When Cressida finally wakes, she vows vengeance in this, the third book of the Posh Hits trilogy.

But she's still recovering from her injuries, she’s got a limp, is feeling depressed, and her murdering skills are a bit rusty. To make things worse, her arch-enemy seems to have moved house. What on earth can Cressida do now? Fortunately she knows people who know people.

As her loved ones rally round, Cressida gets her mo-jo back and gets back on the trail of her former best friend, and as ever, confides her plans and schemes to her journal.

Will she ever get back to reading Vogue with Billie? Why are dead flowers coming to the house? Buy Check Mate for a working-honeymoon and find out how this series concludes.

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