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The Prophet Trilogy



If you want to change a man, change his god.

The Sacred Land is in turmoil, and the terrible judgment foreseen by the prophets even now wings its way over the sea. A bloodthirsty queen reigns in the Holy City, and the dragon-headed god Kimash is ascendant.

For Alack, forced into unwilling service to a ruthless conqueror; Rechab, caught in a net of tragedy and treason; and Flora, delivered into the hands of her enemies, it seems all hope is lost.

But hope does not die easily. The story in the stars may yet hold a surprise for all who dare read it--and for all who dare risk everything to save their souls.

Beloved is Book 3 in The Prophet Trilogy, a fantasy set in a near-historical world of deserts, temples, and spiritual forces that vie for the hearts of men.

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