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The Growers

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The Growers is a story about what's going on in America with a lot of young people in 1970. There was a rebellion going on against haircuts and bathing, and doing what mom and dad suggested, like don't get in cars with strangers! Rich kids were thumbing all over the U.S. from party to party, and state to state. There was a war going on with protest all across the country. G.I.'s coming back strung out on smack, diet pills and other varieties of dope with the American people spitting on and attacking soldiers returning home calling them baby killers. Plus a large number of G.I.'s was in shock from the atrocities of war and coping with the reality that we had no business there. Sherwin Sanders comes home from Vietnam, and at twenty years old he'd lost both parents, him mom just a year earlier. With no living relatives, he inherited a three hundred-acre farm that through the years his family had come close to losing a time or two. Sherwin's plan was a new cash crop, and to change the world's opinion of Tennessee homegrown forever. If they can cultivate good weed anywhere else, I can recreate that atmosphere here even if I have to go to a greenhouse. That was his plan, but to get a crop in the ground this late he'd have to chop his way into some sunny spots people couldn't walk into without getting scratched up or snake bit, to plant the seeds he'd brought home. It's a story of love and hate, the difference in making love and screwing . It's about loyalty, honesty, deceit, murder, suicide, and passionate hot-blooded young Americans and a few older folks! It's about a kid that in nineteen sixty-two, when he was twelve years old: ran away with fifty cents to his name, eight years later he came home to the town of Pottsville Tennessee. With his wife of four years, and owner-operator of a big rig!! When Alais Randy McGee finally came home to see his mother. He discovered the old trucker that had taken him in had been communicating with his mom since a month after he'd run away. I hope you like this story. It has dirty words and light sex here and there, but it's cleaner than some of the music on the radio!

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