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The Final Battle: The Amaranthine Chronicles, #3

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Only light can come from the darkness.

The city of Ormere has become a vast wasteland, where danger lurks on every corner. Lawlessness has exploded while the government has been reduced to tatters. For Kaylan Avilion, this is a fight to the finish. After she and her ex-fiancé Elijah barely managed to stop her sister Freya from obtaining the dangerous Amaranthine Chronicles, Kaylan knows she can't rest.
Meanwhile, Freya is undeterred and will destroy what's left of her family so she can gain the ultimate power. Kaylan and 
Elijah must put their troubled past aside as their very future is on the line and on the verge of extinction. But their allies have fallen by the wayside and ruthless shapeshifters are hot on their trail as the darkness keeps up its unrelenting pace.
Kaylan is stuck between two people she loves, and her victory may come at the ultimate cost. With everything at stake, she can't afford to miss a step. And as she pushes through the darkness, she comes to realise a horrifying truth: to save everyone and everything dear to her… she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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