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The Girl, The Ghost and Cheesy Chips

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The tea cake of history is decorated with the sprinkles of fortunes buried and now lost, hidden from view, their whereabouts fading with memories until there is no one left to tell the secret. If only you could talk to the dead, unlock those secrets. Professor Reginald Parkin believes he’s found a way and a purpose. The Royal Pavilion at Brighton is known to have cost a ridiculous sum of money to build and furnish. Did it really cost that much or did someone take the Prince Regent and the treasury to the cleaners? Anyone who knew the answer had long since taken their final nap. It was time to wake them up. If Reg’s plan meant that thousands of departed souls were released onto the streets, so what. It wasn’t his problem. Local Councils have a way of interfering and what started as one man's quest to boost his own finances becomes a race against time and nosey office workers.

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