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Structured Parallelism In Bible

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In bringing together the finer thoughts of Greek and Roman authors, it was impossible not to be struck by their great likeness to what is found in the inspired writings of the Old and New Testament. Here and there in variant Greek and Latin volumes, attention was drawn to this parallelism, but it was done in too cursory a manner to carry out clear views as fully as could have been wished. It has been, therefore, thought that it might not be without interest to enter more at length into the subject, and to illustrate the Sacred Writers by placing alongside of them the parallel thoughts, which are to be found in profane authors. I am not aware that any complete work of this kind has ever appeared. This work has a wider scope, and aims at bringing within reach of a large body of educated men, though their knowledge of the classical languages may be slight, the profound thoughts of the ancient poets and philosophers, that may regarded as little else than echoes of the inspired writers.

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