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The Tower of Power

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The Tower of Power shows us not only the humor and pathos of the human condition but also how the indestructibility of love and hope can lead us to the redemption of our souls. Set in the harsh realities of the nineties, and after years of double-digit interest rates and ever-skyrocketing inflation, the city of Atlanta is being invaded by an ever-burgeoning population of dissatisfied and unemployed people, all searching for a better life, as they try to escape the inevitable struggles and confinements of their bleak existences. They quickly find out that they'll get nowhere fast without a car and so they make their way to any of the innumerable car dealerships, that surround this megalopolis known as Atlanta, where their stories will intertwine with the salesmen and the managers, the deciders, who reside in the tower, the tower of power, where all the deals are done.

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