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Secret Kill (Noir Nights Book 2)

157 pages2 hours


He’s wealthy, successful and charming. But his criminal past is about to catch up with him.

Businessman Jackson Forbes is at the pinnacle of his career, after leaving a life of crime well and truly behind. But when a young girl turns up in his office, claiming to be his daughter and threatening him with a gun, his life is suddenly not so rosy.

Frida is on the run and needs his help. But saving her life will mean not only returning to the criminal underworld, but also risking his reputation – and his life.

Not to mention the crime for which he was never caught...

Secret Kill is Book 2 in Noir Nights, a series of stand-alone short novels in the crime/suspense genre.

If you love complex characters and simmering tension with a strong noir flavour, you’ll love this novel.

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