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Mirage of the Fallen: The Mind Users, #2

336 pages5 hours


Michael Graven is a young, aspiring student of the Mind, and Teacher expects him to achieve great things. But as time passes, it becomes evident that something is wrong. What once seemed to be potentially a bright future for Michael transforms into an increasingly threatening prospect, until Teacher feels he has no choice but to discontinue his young student's training.

Obsessed with his dark experiments, Michael continues his search for the key to prolonging life, a passion that is overshadowed only by his desire to destroy Teacher and free himself from the ghosts of his past forever…

"Mirage of the Fallen" is the prequel to "Users of the Mind" and the second book in the Mind Users series. It tells of the lives of Teacher and Michael Graven before Teacher met Julian, and introduces some new players in the game of the Mind.

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